Arborwear Men's Boxer Brief 816546
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You’ve been saying for years how
everything you wear is Arborwear... except for your underwear. Well, we’ve got
the solution for you! In true Arborwear fashion, our Tech Boxer Briefs are built
to keep you comfortable. Plus, since they are made with the same fabric as our
popular Tech T-shirts, you stay fresh all day long. DriRelease® and odor
neutralizer, FreshGuard®, work together to absorb moisture and quickly release
it through the fabric and into the air. This controls odor by minimizing its
creation. So sweat away, baby...


° 85% Polyester/15% Cotton Blend
° Moisture Wicking
° Dries 4x faster than cotton
° DriRelease® with odor neutralizer, FreshGuard®